Design and 3D printing

We work with design files supplied directly by the client, but we can also transform ideas for new projects, even if only sketched on paper, into design files using dedicated software. The designs become solid with 3D printing. Each object can therefore be personalised!
The experience we have matured over the years allows us to give clear indications on how to fabricate the project at best according to the specifications of the jewel or accessory, choosing the types of resin and rubber that are ideal for mass production. The INVESTMENT CASTING technique, when applied to the fashion accessories and jewellery sectors, lets creativity loose, resulting in the creation of unique and original shapes that cannot be reproduced using conventional systems. It is a step forward that allows companies to diversify and be competitive in a market where originality and style count more than anything else.

Product engineering

During our 30 years of experience, we have modified a lot of patterns to make them reproducible. For our part, intervening personally in the commissioned projects is obligatory, to bring to light, anticipate, and solve problems that could compromise success. The functionality and quality of the accessories/jewels we produce are discussed daily in our studio-prototype area, where we let loose our knowledge, skills, intuition and passion.

Rubber cutting

The different types of rubber available on the market mean that we can satisfy every demand. What determines the quality of the waxes, which are then extracted from that mould, lies in the ability and skill of the cutter, a job that is still completely artisanal and based on the experience, talent and imagination of the person who has to find the best cutting solution to reduce the subsequent problems to a minimum, so that the waxes turn out as perfect as possible.

Wax pattern production and setting in wax

Our work team pays maximum and very careful attention when reproducing wax patterns: we take extreme care with each individual pattern to guarantee the quality of the surfaces, the absence of pores, the elimination of every hollow, the perfect cut of a pavé. This allows us to obtain a high end quality and a modest percentage of waste. We are organised and equipped to produce daily quantities of a certain importance so as to guarantee quality but also punctual deliveries. It is confirmed that setting in wax helps clients save notably in comparison with traditional systems: stones of any type and shape can be set as long as they resist the high melting temperatures.

Investment casting

We process gold of all carats, from 8K to 22K, and 800/°°°,925/ °°° and 950/°°° silver. We produce fusions even with less noble metals like brass, bronze and aluminium.

Express production

Very often, events like fashion shows, sample line presentations, deliveries to other continents force us to work very quickly. Everything is possible, and with our “express service” the company can accept even these extreme demands where time is determinant for the success of a new project.

Finishes and packaging

Our work processes end with article finishing if requested.

We offer our clients three types of service:

supporting column roughing: this allows us to eliminate a first step and immediately start working on the finish;

piece partial roughing: this is necessary for moving the article forward through the various processes and deliver it ready to be polished;

total piece finishing with or without galvanisation.

An extra commodity for our clients, who can put their trust in a single laboratory that can manage all the production phases.