Micro.Gi was established in 1990 by Salvatore Girardo and his aspiration to perfect the experience he acquired in the fusion world in order to create his own business. Many years of work at an important cast iron foundry, of which he was manager, and his innate talent became important abilities and skills that he transferred to investment casting for jewellery. He worked alone initially, doing all the processing phases himself: design, production and delivery of the melted goods to his clients.


Thanks to the acquisition of a first important client, Salvatore finally managed to hire his first worker to help increase production capacity and, as a result, the number of his clients.

The key points that characterised Salvatore’s company even at the very beginning were quality, the search for perfection and professionalism. Today, these three base elements still represent the foundations of a company that is looking to the future without forgetting the values of the past.


Salvatore’s wife Luisa, who previously worked in the high fashion sector, subsequently became part of the company, and her participation was a determining factor in company growth. Her strong intuition and organisation skills helped optimise the various production processes. Planning, in fact, is an important part of the company. Nothing is ever left to chance and any new situations are always carefully analysed, contextualised and programmed at best using the correct instruments.


In 2000 MicroGi developed into Micro.Gi Casting srl, crystallizing and strengthening its family leadership: the addition of casting to the company name, in fact, indicated Salvatore and Luisa’s desire to create a group with daughters Silvia and Stefania. The possibility of working together became a synonym of professionalism, guarantee, reliability and confidentiality which, when united with passion, made it possible to change from being a family reality to being a structured company with important companies among its clients, companies that need a reliable partner in terms of expertise, structure and safety in the various production processes. The company was always supported by a willing and prepared workforce as it travelled along this road: today it can count on an important staff of well-organised people who continue developing professionally.


In 2003, convinced about the decision to restructure, Microgi casting transferred to bigger, more functional premises, to a new laboratory built and organised ad hoc for company needs.


Initially an investment casting company using the lost wax process for the goldsmith sector only, the company today supplies the whole fashion sector, producing various types of accessory with precious and less noble metals.


The acquisition of its first high definition 3D printer made the company more independent in prototyping and as a consequence, file perfection with dedicated software. It was able to supply an important service to all those realities that require investment casting production.


As a result of the noticeable development of products that this technology allows to realize, we introduced a second machine to meet the needs of the many orders of our customers


With a lot of commitment and dedication we completed various projects to our great satisfaction. 15 years ago we introduced to the eyeglass sector an innovative method for applying decorations to high fashion eyeglass temples: a study carried out quickly, thanks to research and in-house tests, resulted in an effective solution that is still applicable. We have always been willing to undertake very particular, even if not profitable, projects like special filters for the aerospace sector, art objects displayed at Montmartre, special crowns for Miss Italia or the Pope, etc.… We can tell a lot of stories about our thirty years of business, but we cannot write them all down: we are the backstage of a performance! Even though not our core business, we are often willing to satisfy even this type of request.


The solid roots of the company have given us the safety we need to follow our Mission, and obtain RJC certification along the way. It is an ethically fundamental step that makes people more valuable.